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Campus Socialite presents: This Week in Social Media

June 10, 2011

campussocialite The Campus Tycoon Presents: This Week in Social Media (May 5 12)By Matt Schoenman

Each week, we check in with The Campus Socialite for a roundup of the latest in tech news affecting college students. This week, they talk about Google’s nifty guitar logo, Facebook facial recognition and a new milestone for Apple.

Google's guitar logo

Les Paul Google Doodle

If you’ve been on Google the past 2 days, then you probably noticed an ingenious Google Doodle celebrating the birthday of the late guitar great Les Paul. The Doodle, which is designed in the appearance of Google’s logo, simulates real guitar sounds when you scroll over it, and even comes with a feature that allows you to record and play back your musical stylings.

Facebook face recognotionFacebook Turns on Facial Recognition

Facebook is one step closer to being self-aware. The social networking giant turned on a feature this week that groups similar faces together and automatically suggests who you should tag. It is now a default setting, so if you’re one of the people who always worry about privacy on Facebook, you should be changing that option right about…now.

Apple Surpasses Microsoft and Intel Combined

When I read that I was shocked, but not surprised. After the market closed on Friday, MacDailyNews crunched the numbers and figured out that Apple now has a market value of $317.6 billion, just over the $316.8 billion that encompasses the market value of both Microsoft and Intel combined. While Microsoft still has a commanding market share in desktop computers, Apple’s expansion into mobile technology like smartphones and tablets is what is reflected in the company’s valuation, which is based on estimates of growth, rather than current sales.

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