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The Campus Tycoon: Foursquare 3.0, LinkedIn Today, Facebook and Warner Bros. Team Up

March 11, 2011

By Matthew Schoenman

Matthew Schoenman is the Editor-in-Chief of The Campus Socialite.

Foursquare 3.0

The new Foursquare is here, and it’s got an interesting new feature: The Explore tab. Over the past two years of its existence, the application has been compiling data from its users that it will finally put to good use. You can use the tab to search for food, coffee, nightlife, shops and arts and entertainment recommendations, ranked by possible user interest. It combines a series of factors including where, when, and how often you go, where your friends go, and where you haven’t been, and uses a formula to recommend places for you.

The new Foursquare stresses its desire to make its users discover new places and people in the world. And who loves exploration and new experiences more than college students? Find new places that you haven’t been, eat new foods, party in new places, and make new friends. Expand your network and make those connections!

LinkedIn Today

For all of those students who are hunting for internships or jobs (or already have one), then this news is for you: the social networking site has just added a beta version of their “LinkedIn Today” News Tab to your page. If you go to the “More” button, you’ll see it in the drop-down menu. The page is customized based on the industries that you and your connections work in, so don’t expect to get many articles that don’t apply to you. It aspires to be the Wall Street Journal of social news. Be the most informed candidate for an internship by reading about your area of expertise and expanding your professional knowledge!

Facebook and Warner Bros. Team Up to provide movie rentals

Netflix and your local cable company might have some serious competition (unless said cable company is Time Warner). Facebook and Warner Brothers have struck a deal that allows Facebook users to rent movies for 30 Facebook credits (the equivalent of $3). You can watch that movie as much as you want over the next 48 hours…that’s twice as much time as you get from On Demand, for almost half the price. The deal is undergoing a trial run right now, with The Dark Knight being the first film available for rental.

This means that you’ll be on Facebook even longer than usual – balancing your social networking with watching your favorite films and TV shows from Warner Brothers. This comes at the perfect time: DVD sales are in the gutter, and services like Netflix are seeing a huge boom in user base. When was the last time you bought a DVD? Maybe it’s about time you invest in some of those Facebook credits, which you previously thought were completely useless.

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