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The Campus Tycoon: This Week in Social Media

April 1, 2011

campussocialite The Campus Tycoon: This Week in Social Media

The Campus Socialite is all about college entrepreneurship – build your network, your brand, and make yourself into something larger than life. The sky is the limit. That being said, it’s important for every young business-savvy student to be in touch with the social media world, so here are some huge stories from this week from our blog affiliate.

By Matthew Schoenman

Amazon's cloud-based music serviceWelcome to the cloud.

If you haven’t already heard, the wireless cloud is the way of the future: It allows you to more easily access your files (documents, music, movies, etc.) from any location, be it computer or Smartphone, by uploading them to a remote cloud drive. Transporting essays, homework, and motivational studying music via flash or external hard drive is a thing of the past.

And who would have thought that Amazon would have beaten both Apple and Google to the punch on this one? But you can rest assured that the competition for the best cloud service, or “cloud nine,” if I can coin a term, is going to be a wild ride.

Remember that Apple and Google both have mobile platforms already (iPhone and Android), so I’m sure we’ll see some very interesting things from them. Meanwhile, you can try out 5 GB of Amazon’s service for free, or buy an album through the online shopping giant for an extra 20 GB (it’s $1 a GB after that, though).

Plus OneLinkedIn and Google learn to share.

Not too long ago, the social networking site released the first version of the “InShare” button, which allowed users to share professional content on their LinkedIn page. A number of sites like Forbes, Bloomberg and The Huffington Post have already implemented the button, with more advanced functionality — like the ability to sign in to your site with LinkedIn credentials — in the works.

Google is currently testing its “+1” button with a select few users, but when the feature is released to the public, you can be sure to see some huge changes to how we share content on the Internet. Remember: Google is the world’s largest search engine, and with the ability to “+1” directly from the search results (or from the webpage, if you’re looking to keep readers there longer) is a major push into social networking territory.

And Google says that the amount of shares you have will directly influence your search rankings. So if you’re a content publisher, try to be ahead of the curve on this one.

Google isn’t done just yet.

I may as well just call this edition of The Campus Tycoon “This Week in Google,” because it seems like they’re pumping out (or planning on releasing) innovations in almost every technology sector.

If their rumored cloud service and upcoming share button aren’t enough for you, then how about this: The Internet monster is doing preliminary tests on their very own ISP, one that could allow them to completely revolutionize the web with speeds up to 100 times faster than the typical connection. (Google riffed on the speculation for April Fool’s Day with this filthy prank.)

Imagine all the TV shows you could stream with that kind of power. They plan on testing it in Kansas City first (of all places!), and expanding to include, potentially, 500,000 people.

Google asserts that they have no interest in taking control of the Internet service industry, but instead just want to open the doors for experimentation in order to make the Internet better and faster than ever before. I’m down, Google, I’m down.

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