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The Campus Tycoon: This Week in Social Media

March 4, 2011

Guest Post: The Campus Socialite is all about college entrepreneurship — build your network, your brand, and make yourself into something larger than life. The sky is the limit. That being said, it’s important for every young business-savvy student to be in touch with the social media world, so here are some huge stories from this week from our blog affiliate.

If you were not aware, this is what #winning looks like.

Charlie Sheen Breaks Twitter Records

For those looking to network and brand, this might be for you. Granted, Charlie Sheen is a bit eccentric, but no one has created a brand for himself like this guy. The Internet has Sheen Fever, and it’s all because everything he says is gold, and he is playing off of that. And now he has a Guinness World Record to prove it: Yesterday he broke the record for the fastest person to get to 1 million twitter followers, achieving the goal in just over 24 hours … and he didn’t even tweet anything (except one picture of himself with chocolate milk). Charlie Sheen now is the ultimate brand, and is acquiring one of the strongest Twitter networks around.

Apple's iPad 2

iPad 2 Details Released

For student entrepreneurs who dig the tablet craze, Apple just released the specifications for the iPad 2. Like most second-generation Apple products, it maintains the pricing of its predecessor (ranging from $499-$829), and increases processing speed while decreasing thickness and weight (hard drive options have not changed). Samsung has already admitted that its Galaxy S Tablet can’t compete and is lowering their prices accordingly. Apple begins taking order on March 11, and starts shipping shortly thereafter. Slip one of these babies in your notebook to use during class or use FaceTime to make that long-distance relationship work.

BBM For iPhone and Android

If you didn’t already know, Android not only surpassed both iPhone and BlackBerry in sales in 3Q 2010, but also actually left both of them in the dust. Research-in-Motion is now focusing their efforts to reclaim lost users by opening up BlackBerry Messenger to the other operating systems. The plan is to release a version for both iPhone and Android that is limited: It does not allow the sharing of photos, videos, or locations. Behind this all is a clever marketing strategy – Giving users a tease of the power of BBM in order to convince them to convert to BlackBerry. Will it work? We have yet to see. But soon all of the students that use Androids and iPhones won’t feel left out anymore, because they can join in the conversation, too!

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