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If your college clique was a corporation

March 30, 2011

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Each Wednesday, we’ll be featuring an article posted by our friends at college blog The Campus Socialite. This week, they imagine how your circle of unsavory friends would be organized if they were a legitimate, functioning business.

Clique PicBy Matt Schoenman

Your college years are a formative experience: You tend to care little for anyone but yourself, you prioritize adventure and danger over health and knowledge (for the most part), and you make countless amounts of new friends, but take your relationships with them for granted. When you graduate and join the workforce, you may begin to realize that a certain dynamic exists in your group of close friends – a dynamic that, interestingly enough, kind of mirrors a business model. Confused? I’ll give you several examples of corporate positions translated into college jargon, and you tell me where your friends and you fit in. Read more at The Campus Socialite >>>

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