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Dr. Woody Asks: Do You Have a Blog?

August 3, 2011

DRWOODYchairlogo1 Dr. Woody Poll Results: Do you anticipate needing to move home after college?

Dr. Woody Poll Results

There were 488 responses to this week’s Up/Down, and the vast majority of you said “No!”


20% (97)


80% (391)

I see this as good news. I’m hoping the 80 percent of you in the “no” column are out enjoying the summer!

For the rest of you, the term blog was coined in the late ’90s and was derived from the term “web log”, which was the original term for an on-line diary. No doubt, the modern day blog has certainly evolved from its roots as personal diary. Today bloggers post about everything from celebrity mishaps to political commentary.

As intriguing as blogging has become, there are always risks! Keep in mind that whatever you post has the potential to exist in cyberspace indefinitely, which means that friends, family, and prospective employers may all come across your posts at some point. So if you plan on blogging, make sure to be comfortable with what you are going to put out there!

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Eric Woodard August 3, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Dr. Woody,
You're right – anything you put online should last forever (at least until the aliens invade or something…and they'll probably upload it…so it will go on and on).

It's very fashionable right now to urge caution in terms of students posting things online…but here is another meme to throw out there…

Take a risk. Be yourself. Say what you think. Be authentic. Don't worry about what other people think. Be a real person. If you have stuff already out there, don't try and cover it up, because that would be a lie and…as we all know…it's never the lie, it's always the cover up.

In other words, let your authenticity and voice be a strength. Find an internship supervisor who will hire you because of your flaws, because you're genuine…then you'll really have something.

I know some will disagree, just my politically incorrect opinion. Thanks for the post!


Alex August 3, 2011 at 5:01 pm

I agree. I”ve always encouraged people to blog if the content is relevant to the career they want to pursue. Actually, I got hired for this job partially because of my personal blog — and the writing style/sense of humor conceivably could have offended some people.

I did a long back/forth about whether to link to it from my portfolio website, and it paid off. Then again, what was right for me might not be right for everyone.


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