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Sharing your college lifestyle with the whole world

March 2, 2011

Each Wednesday, we’ll featuring an article from our friends at college blog The Campus Socialite. This week, they break down all the social media platforms that let college students share personal and embarrassing details with the entire world.

Socialites, welcome to the world of social media: Everyone needs to know what you’re doing or thinking at any given time of day…and no one is more obsessed with sharing their thoughts and actions than college students. The question is: Do we endlessly share to spread our own knowledge to others, or do we just want to be celebrities in our own personal worlds? It’s a matter that’s still in debate, and might be forever. But the fact remains that we derive some form of pleasure from letting all of our friends and acquaintances know about every detail of our lives, and every day we find new ways to do just that. Don’t believe me? Here is an entire day in the life of an average social media savvy college student…If I leave any details out, then maybe you should create a way for me to share those, too. Click here to keep reading. >>>

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