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Sweet Tweets

December 3, 2010

Numero 13.

Time for some of the silly & insightful (& not so insightful…) tweets we see on Twitter during the week. Enjoy!


@beachbound3: Poor intern had no idea her last week would be spent following an old lady in a walker to open doors! *sigh* I wanna walk again!

@blowdart: I think my poor intern is getting disillusioned with the reality of work :,,)

@swtypewriters: interns are loud

@Amanda_Rudelt: Adding the stuff I did for my crazy internship to my resume makes it look like it was a way cooler gig than it was.

@FashionChinkz: i want a hot chocolate i shld send this intern butttttt il b nice…

@tarynwantslunch: I do not make my interns get coffee. They know very well that they’re not allowed to leave the office

@Aaronsmith2: Our winter intern heats up soup everyday for lunch. It makes the office smell like a hospital. It is very annoying. When will he leave?

@scarletreport: I just walked into a wall and then fell on an intern. I’m 100% classy & graceful.

@journik: ehem… Who needs a new website built at illegal migrant worker prices? My design Interns need work! =)

@ofml: Today, I am training the new store manager at the company I work for. I’m an unpaid intern. FML

@totally_tyler: @PlaypenMen Oh, I don’t have to pay an intern, right?! Really, all I need is someone to hold my drink while I’ m making out.

@Sarah_IMG: @natsmithmusic Ninjas are what we call our Interns at the office.

@leandroid: Where are all the good interns nowadays? Both coming back with a $196 receipt for drinks, chips and cookies for the office = smh

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