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Sweet Tweets

December 17, 2010


Life is sweet… and Sweet Tweets make it even sweeter!

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@sw17ch: RT @Jonpro: Having only one person who knows about a particular piece of software seems like a bad idea, especially when that person is an intern. :p

@i4cCampaign: Our interns are nowhere to be seen! The holidays are officially here :,,)

@tossey: Googling our intern candidates …. Yup – gotta do that these days. Lock down your Facebook accounts kids 🙂

@doraexploring: @dinogeo it’s an office joke. I’m the intern and my supervisor got me a mug saying ‘the queen of f*cking everything’

@italk_tomyself: So im pretty sure 75% of my interns made pictures out of the bubbles on this county assessment test instead of taking it =/

@neoknits: Tip for interns if you want to get a job and keep it: take notes, follow directions, ask questions, and do projects neatly! Argh.

@TheBridalEvent: Ok the interns left…I have to admit it was fun to be with a gaggle of 20-somethings! Adorable. Im old…and tired…lol

@britden: In the old days, interns respected their bosses.

@D_Lyons83: @sdchristmas has 4 services, 3 seating styles, 2 greatest pastors and interns in a pear tree!

@vmoss08: Our intern brought in some food she made called sausage balls…sausage, cheese and bisquick

@MeteorMuse: My lunch is extremely crunchy/loud today. I wonder if I am annoying our intern.

@Westyn83: Sadness has befallen the office today. It’ s the interns last day and wedding rings go back on associates fingers.

@jeffunseen: Just remembered I scored the teacher interns phone number in grade 2. I had skills as a youngster too

@dentalnow: 925$ for wisdom teeth extraction with IV sedation, done by interns in a university. Am I saving…

@clarkwithers: Thinking about developing an intern network to connect business owners I know with interns… Any bright ideas tweeps?

Have you heard anything sweet on Twitter this week? Post it below!

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