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Sweet Tweets

October 22, 2010

Carpe Diem, Week X

Seize The Day Interns!

Here are this weeks Sweet Tweets…

@SerenK: You are interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain.

@AliKira: RT @EighteenBridges: The editor has agreed to leave our social media strategy to me and the interns, explaining “I don’t know all that much about flutter.'

@700ftceiling: @2degreesoflife Those stools look mighty uncomfortable. Poor interns. First they don’t get paid, now this. ;,,)

@_Suckerfree: I though looking for a job was hard, but interns are harder to find!

@Antjackson305: So the internship is only hell when the boss is here… hmmm… i think i‘ll ask for his schedule! Lol

@NicoleAzat: got an internship at the hospital as an interpreter bahahahaha. I told the guy i didnt know how to speak arabic.

@ZachlsWeird: The construction of the pyramids and the picking of cotton and tobacco in 19th Century America were also called unpaid internships. #payme

@Prismera: I love that when I am humming a top 40 song and pause, my intern will pick up where I left off and finish the rest.

@Artemis757: @FansofLeon Maybe that position is vacant now that the interns are back in middle school.

@Russbengtson: “Rookies' not to be known as “interns.' #DavidSternCostCutting

@Arjessee: Interns line-dancing. Need I say more?

@GothDoctor: Intern “she has a lazy eye.” Me “did you tell that eye to get off its ass and get to work?”

@haseenat: My morning thus far: Gambling/Bingo in Vegas, freeway and now i’m at my internship… i probably really should get my life together

@aafkc: “Egos aren’t for interns.”

@marshy88:I made cookies for all the interns today. Sam said they tasted like Christmas. I was not aware Christmas was a flavor, but you know

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