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Sweet Tweets

October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween.

Trick or Treat! Here are your Sweet Tweets for the week, laugh & learn!

@Emilyecallahan: How many interns does it take to screw in a lightbulb? As many as it takes to remember to call maintenance.

@lovemeguideme: Having a fantastic hair day and sure enough, aint bumpin’ into anyone I want to see… Like the hot new psychiatry intern… Yummmmm

@grayhorsefarm: To the Farm Intern who just applied……FarmVille experience does not apply

@ncheungy: Loving halloween costume party at internship we have guidos chilean miners mariacha band and good snacks

@aliya1178: So glad my interns were not involved in hiring me. They’re tough.

@murphyhiggins What crappy interns. Make them fetch us more coffee.

@KC_gentAFFAIRS: …Soo I am giving tweet tips to the kruppcake interns #twitTARDED

@ANECORA: I just spent my hour-long lunch with 4 ginormous extremely attractive German interns. Omg…I almost fainted.

@melissaeweiss: Interns are now talking about prom dates. Shoot me.

@laurenist: To the 324 people who couldn’t be bothered to enter their zip code correctly: you are why interns don’t ever do any real work

@phillipvetter: There are few thing more entertaining than an intern breaking and falling from a chair

@Sd_gray: after two major switches, two minor switches, four internships and one transfer, I have 12 credits until I’m done @butleru

@jrut424: “I know there are bills to pay, but just slough them off on your parents & do unpaid internships, #whateverittakes” #ncmc10

@rassnapp: Im good at many things, but being the boss is what im best at. I think im a good leader. Ask my intern =]

@audibletreats: Instead of the damn mouse, we caught an intern in the glue trap this morning. Poor guy is walking around the office in his socks now.

@geekandahalf: I just told a woman at my internship that “The Devil Wears Prada” is not a horror film. She still looks a little suspect.

@ramsaygirl13: @DarynJones I love paul the intern PAUL will u marry me ?

Find any good tweets in your sweet stash? Post them below!

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