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Sweet Tweets

December 31, 2010

15 Already!

They just get sweeter and sweeter.



@Tmotherlover: Bye bye partying, wilding, TTU, and all of the below… Hello career, better job, great intern, and right path!

@Shaggyshan: Best part of having an intern? He’s the one who’s gotta play Dance Central.

@MsCharm84: @ItsMissP omg I def told my intern supervisor that I was going to go to the dollar store to get crayons & coloring book for break he laughed

@akmorrison: @CrimsonRoses Deal! There’s a few interns at my dad’s job who like to go tornado chasing! We can tag along! 😀

@jeffisrael25: Just kidding. We don’t have 8-year-old interns. Stupid child labor laws….

@DJAmpHi: I only take serious things seriously. Like paying bills. my internship. school on a good day.everything else has potential to be a joke.

@theresia21: 5 more internship days left.. Fighting

@thisisjendoll: intern just went “to shovel”

@MISZ_AMAZIN_305: RT @1BooByD_Gibson: “Many people want life to pay them like a CEO but they only want the responsibility of an intern..” It Cost to be the Boss! Rise & Grind

@DeeandRicky: Need an intern to come shovel.

@nilo89: “How does the SEWAGE department always get the HOT INTERNS?” #loveaziz #pnr

@NYCPrincezz_BSF: Typing the word “employee” in my cover letter makes me sound like an old fart…intern sounded so young n pure 🙁

@NadiaDaeng: i don’t bully my interns.. i ask them nicely *looks guilty*

@WeiQian: The next batch of interns are so lucky, double pay.

@HaikelSiewww: @theleventhday Theres no such thing as fairness in our world , intern,,s world :/

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