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Sweet Tweets

September 24, 2010

Lucky number 7! 

We spend lots of time on Twitter trying to keep up with what you’re all talking about. We see it all: the good, the bad, the ugly… and the silly.

Here we go, Sweet Tweets time.


@davlomb: If you leave a can of Coca Cola open for longer than a month that it will start turning into jelly. Thanks to my summer intern, I now know.

@SincerelyJane: “Don’t point the gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern.”

@KettyMercedes: Enjoying my internship. Ladies in lock-up had me laughing this morning! See, it’s not all sad and depressing.. actually, not really.

@JohnRWiley My intern partner and I decided that we are going to have “Bring your dad to work day.”

@mekie26: Another day no dollar #intern

@a_ditk3: coffee makers, 1 toaster, 10 bags coffee, 3 box splenda, 3 box stirrers,3 ottomans,1 filing cabinet, ink, 8 box tea…1 errand. #intern

@CoolKidsTable: This girl at my intern is ALWAYS either crying, talking about how broke she is, her brother or how she can’t get a man. I just can’t win.

@mredpopo: Today at my job, I am writing about Reach and Bungie. I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this. #idontactuallygetpaid #intern

@la_Yessi: I like how my lady boss assumes I can do graphic design, I can use a computer-that makes sense. Yeeeaaaah, I’m a #intern.

@MSFitMint: How 2 identify cute intern who never goes out anymore: look 4 conservatively dressed chick drinking lite beers @ the bar, toting mace. (Me)

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