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September 9, 2010

Do you ever think about what employers go through when searching for an intern? You might think of them as “those _____ who never responded to my application/didn’t offer me the internship,” but what you don’t realize is that they can go though a very similar experience that you do. They go through frustration, rejection, that same giddiness when they meet “the perfect match,” and spend weeks going through the search process. is a service that provides “original, accurate, and timely global financial content everyday.” They’ve recently partnered with and have decided to chronicle their journey to recruit talented interns who are looking for experience in finance and media. This is your chance to get not only an inside look at what employers go through when searching for interns, but also to see how is working endlessly to turn this daunting process into something that is rewarding, simple, and efficient for both students and employers.

Check out’s internship posting and apply here.

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