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Featured Students: Daniel Pearson and Alex Goldstein

April 4, 2011

For the month of April, we’ll be featuring finalists for the Campus Tycoon Award — the entrepreneurial category of the Campus Socialite Awards — as our Featured Students.

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Daniel Pearson

I enjoy reading, writing and learning but I also enjoy going out to the bar with my friends.  I love the startup process so much that I am going to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees to become a business college professor so that I can pass on this passion to the many generations to come.  With the help of a professor, I once spent a year writing letters to Warren Buffett until he sent me an autographed book.

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Alex Goldstein

As a senior at the best college sports town in America, I have created a company called Badger Trips that has provided UW-Madison students with unforgettable away game and spring break travel experiences.  In the next year my team and I will build the College Travel Experts network, which will create the ultimate college experience to students across the country. By not letting school get in the way of my education, I have learned to be ambitious outside of the classroom by creating my company and working towards my pilot license, making me realize that the sky isn’t even the limit.

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