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March 23, 2011

Premium Advantage membership

You won't get ever get charged for using unless you complete an additional signup for any of our three paid features -- including Premium Advantage.

I’ve noticed an occasional bit of confusion about this on our Answers board lately from people who are worried they might have been charged without their knowledge. The simple answer is that doesn’t happen. is a free resource for internship seekers that also contains some bonus features you can choose to pay for. But to activate or be charged for any of those bonus features, you have to let us know you want them. And it’s not really something you could do by accident.

What are those paid features? I’m glad you asked.

The main one is a Premium Advantage subscription — a package deal unlocking a number of extra features that give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Some of the biggest ones include Featured Placement (a big boost to your employer search ranking) and Top of the Pile (your resume stays on top of the employer’s inbox long after you apply).  The rest can be viewed at the previous link, and include a private, searchable contact database for more than 5 million US employers, the opportunity to earn an iCertification badge on our site, an exclusive series of career aptitude tests and video resume attachments. The subscription lasts for a full year and costs less than $2/month.

If you’d like your resume to be reviewed professionally before you send it out, we can do that for just $20 — over 50% cheaper than competing services on the Internet. A great resume can make a huge impact on your internship search, so consider it early in the process.

Finally, if you’d like to chat with a career professional with knowledge about what it takes to get an internship in your field, you can choose one from our list of Live Coaches. All our career pros can be tried out for free, and our system lets you share important files with them during your session. Afterward, you choose whether you’d like to pay to continue the chat.

So there you have it! If I didn’t mention a feature in this post, that means it’s absolutely free. So keep searching, reading our Student Resources, building cover letters and resumes, keeping up with our blog and — of course — asking questions on Answers. And if you could use a little more help, remember the stuff you just read about!

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