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The Campus Tycoon Presents: This Week in Social Media

May 20, 2011

Each week, we check in with The Campus Socialite for a roundup of the latest in tech news affecting college students. This week, they address those rampant Facebook viruses, LinkedIn’s IPO and details surrounding Apple’s upcoming cloud service.

By Matt Schoenman

LInkedIn logo

LinkedIn Goes Public

Earlier this week, the professional social networking giant LinkedIn held its initial public offering with great success. In the past two days, the company’s market value has reached a high of $10.1 billion, and the stock has more than doubled in value. What does this mean for college students? For the entrepreneurial types out there, it means that there’s a high demand for social media stock and a comeback in venture capital-backed initial offering, though I doubt that means anything to anyone who is still busy studying for finals.

Sony Signs Onto Apple’s Cloud Service

It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to extreme accessibility. Apple’s Cloud (possibly iCloud?) is right on the heels of Amazon’s Cloud Player and Google Music Beta. They recently brought EMI, Sony and Warner Music Group aboard, and are allegedly close to locking up Universal as well. Soon we’ll all be able to listen to our music from anywhere, without having to drag around an external hard drive, flash drive, laptop, or even a CD. So what differentiates Apple’s Cloud from the competition? You have to upload your music onto the Cloud in order to listen to it on Amazon or Google; Apple plans on eliminating the uploading process from the equation.

Dislike buttonFacebook Dislike Scam Gone Mad!

If you’re on Facebook for at least an hour a day, then you’ve probably seen or interacted with a neat little window that tells you to enable the dislike button. It’s actually a scam designed to get you to insert a malicious code into your computer, so don’t do it.

It seems like Facebook viruses and scams are popping up everywhere: This ‘dislike’ button, a supposed video of bin Laden’s execution, a girl who gets overly excited on a rollercoaster, and endless more. You click on it out of curiosity; it puts itself on your wall and then proceeds to spread through all of your friends and acquaintances.

This begs an interesting question: If Facebook is implementing new, stronger security tools (like HTTPS), then why are all these viruses still rampaging through the site?

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