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The Highest Paying Internships for Summer 2013

February 22, 2013

Glassdoor recently released their second annual report of  the Top 20 Highest Rated Companies Hiring Interns Right Now, with rankings based on reviews by recent interns. Also included in the rankings is the average monthly salary offered to interns at these companies.

If you’re looking for both an incredible experience and a high monthly salary, the technology industry is where you want to be. In addition to the top rank for experience, Google holds one of the top spots for highest monthly average salary. Interns at Google can earn over $6,000 a month. Research interns at Microsoft take the top spot for pay, earning over $7,000 a month! Software engineering and technical interns at Amazon, IBM, and Intel are not far behind.

For obvious reasons, internship positions at these companies are highly coveted. Find your internship.

When should I apply for summer internships?

Begin your research and preparation early on. For most people, the heaviest work should be done before spring break — and not just so you can enjoy your time off. Government organizations, engineering firms, and financial institutions typically have some of the earliest deadlines. Competition is intense, and the application process can begin a year before the start date!

Check out the complete results of the report below and start searching for your internship.

Source: Glassdoor

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