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Plan for a cheaper fall semester on StingyCampus

May 18, 2011

Stingy Campus toolsBy Alex Braun

We’ve all done some crazy things to save money in college. I used to collect olives from the dining hall to use as drink garnishes. My roommate collected hacked promo codes to get free rewards merchandise.

These things are either morally unsound or make you smell like olives. Student marketplaces are not plagued by such drawbacks.

StingyCampus logo

One of the interesting ones we’ve spotted is StingyCampus, which identifies the key things college students need and offers a platform for acquiring them — cheaply or for free — from other students or local businesses. It now carries listings for at least 2,000 U.S. campuses, with a heavier presence at schools in Southern California.

We profiled the site’s co-founder — young entrepreneur Kareem Barghouti — a few weeks ago in one of our 5 on 5! employer interviews, and it’s nice to see what’s become of the site after reading the tale of how it got started.

StingyCampus class notes

Missed an important lecture? Calm down -- you're being very un-Dude. You can look up the notes on StingyCampus.

Like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, StingyCampus lists on-campus housing, jobs and book trades. Unlike these web behemoths, StingyCampus also maintains a thorough database of free, downloadable class notes that can be looked up by subject or professor for all the campuses it covers. And, in a rather ingenious move, the site has partnered with campus eateries to create a discount club you can access by printing and affixing a “Stingy Sticker” to your school ID.

Discounts on top of student discounts? Hard to argue with that. The Stingy Sticker feature is currently limited to several SoCal campuses, but Facebook was once just for Harvard kids, you know.

To browse listings and take your collegiate stinginess to a whole new level of efficiency, click here.

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