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Intern Picks: Campus Ambassador Opportunities

August 22, 2012

Every day, our intern Sherry gets a sneak peek at all of the new internships being posted daily on Each week she’ll choose a theme and highlight a few of the new internships she thinks are cool/useful/interesting.

Sherry TaoBy Sherry Tao

Being a Campus Ambassador is one of the few jobs that you are allowed to bring your job onto campus.  Companies are constantly looking for Campus Ambassadors to have a student representative on their campus that would be there 24 hours a day and seven days a week to keep the companies’ brand fresh in the students’ minds. As a Campus Ambassador, you will be representing your company everywhere you go – in the dorms, classrooms, on-campus food courts, etc. If you are interested in representing a company on your campus, being a Campus Ambassador is the job for you! Here are some options for you to explore:

Campus Ambassador
SoFi in Various Locations
Are you currently taking out loans and wish you had a way to minimize the amount of loans you take you per year? If yes, then check to see if SoFi is hiring a Campus Ambassador at your campus! You will get the opportunity to work with a company that help students minimize the amount of loans that are taken out per year. If you want to see if SoFI is looking for a Campus Ambassador for your campus, apply here!

Red Bull Records Campus Ambassador
Red Bull Records in College Park, MD + virtual
If you are a student and you are interesting in Marketing and Music, look no further! In addition to paid compensation, you will also be able to earn: free music, concert tickets, academic credit, and more! Apply Here.

Brand Ambassador
DOCUTHESIS in various locations
If you are looking to be a Campus Ambassador based on your major, then look here! Docuthesis is looking for variety of majors, so check to see if your major is being offered and apply here.

Student Ambassador Program
American Income Life Insurance Company in various locations
If you are interested in working for an insurance company that specializes in supplement benefits to Labor Unions, credit unions, and professional associations such as Police, Nurses, and the Fire Department, then you may want to apply to be a campus Ambassador for the American Income Life Insurance Company. Apply Here.

Customizo Campus Ambassadors
Izo Brands in Various Locations
With any opportunities all over the nation, Izo Brands has different sites that allow groups to connect and share ideas on their design and product selection. If you want to be able to set your own schedule and gain real-world marketing experience with Izo Brands, apply here.

Search through more Campus Ambassador internships here. What type of internships do you want us to highlight next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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