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Intern Picks: Criminal Justice Internships

February 12, 2014

Every day, our intern Ashley gets a sneak peek at all of the new internships being posted daily on Each week she’ll choose a theme and highlight a few of the new internships she thinks are cool/useful/interesting.

By Ashley Calderon

Criminal Justice is the system of law enforcement, involving police, lawyers, courts and corrections, used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment. There are typically two categories within criminal justice: applied criminal justice (the practice of criminal justice) and theoretical criminal justice (dealing with the cause of criminal behavior and society’s response to crime). No matter which route you take an internship will give you a great advantage when launching your career. Get started today with these internships below!

Internship Program in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Anti-corruption Policy
Ministry of Justice of Georgia in Brookline, MA
Interns will have a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in wide variety of areas, among them criminal justice, juvenile justice, fight against corruption, fast and efficient service delivery; meet various governmental and non-governmental agency representatives, participate in conferences, presentations, as well as Council sessions. Apply now!

Oriana House in Akron, OH
Oriana House provides quality and humane chemical dependency treatment and community corrections services to clients while contributing to safer communities. Interns will assist in maintaining whereabouts of all clients assigned to facility, development of assessment based program/case plans, and more. Apply now!

Criminal Justice
Prisoner Assistant– Virtual
Prisoner Assistant is a financial concierge company designed exclusively for prisoners. It is the first and only company of its kind and strives to be the leader in rehabilitation and re-entry planning services for those incarcerated in the United States.Interns will add valuable contributions to the services and processes. Apply now!

Incarcerated Voices Internship
The Freeform Radion Initiative – Virtual
Incarcerated Voices is an exploration into the circumstances and conditions of incarceration through the eyes, ears, and hearts of prisoners.The internship primarily focuses on analyzing prisoner contributions to the project.Interns will read and analyze submissions sent by incarcerated contributors, assist in broadcast preparation, and more. Apply now!

Probation Officer Assistant Internship
Professional Probation Services in Auburn, AL
Professional Probation Services, Inc. provides professional court services and sentencing alternatives to courts, communities, and offenders in the United States.Interns will attend and participate in all court sessions, confer with the court staff on cases, prepare warrants, and more. Apply now!

Search through more criminal justice internships here. Which types of internships do you want us to highlight next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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