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Intern Picks: Public Relations Internships

June 20, 2012

Every day, our intern Macy gets a sneak peek at all of the new internships being posted daily on Each week she’ll choose a theme and highlight a few of the new internships she thinks are cool/useful/interesting.

By Macy Berg

On our site alone, there are over 5,000 public relations internships.  You may ask yourself, why should I go into the field of PR? The quick answer: It’s a fast paced and exciting industry that can always use new eyes.  There will always be a need for PR because one thing about companies and individuals will never change:  they want the public, investors and employees to want to support them.  Whether it is the public purchasing products or investors deciding to support a company, all of the positive attention a corporation can garner will help a company reach their ultimate goals.

The other nice thing about a job in the PR field: almost everyone can find an aspect of it that they enjoy.  Do you like the entertainment industry? You can help portray an actor or actress in a favorable way.  If you enjoy politics you could speak at conferences and work with the media to support a campaign. Are you a technology lover? You could be working on articles and press releases for new products, such as computers and phones.  The list is never ending, and the PR field could attract almost anyone, so start your internship search now!

Here are my top PR internship picks for the week:

Public Relation – Internal and External Responsibilities
Integrated Alliances in Prior Lake, MN
If you like listening to the radio, apply for this internship and you’ll find yourself working with the executive producer and CFO of the radio show Rock the World with LinkedIn.

Marketing/PR Intern
Robin Baron Design in Manhattan, NY
Are you studying to become an interior designer? Work part time for this energetic company as a social media and PR expert.  Apply here.

PR Assistant
The Chamber Group in West Hollywood, CA
Help this PR firm garner favorable attention for some of Hollywood’s top entertainers and musicians.  You will never get bored interning for this exciting company.  Apply here.

Public Relations Internship Opportunity
Sound Imaging in San Diego, CA
If you like the healthcare industry intern for Sound Imaging and help them launch their new campaign to bring awareness to reliable MRI services.  Apply here.

Public Relations Intern
Melrose PR in Santa Monica, CA
Are you a fun person? Intern for this fast-paced company and represent clients in the fashion, accessory, travel and food industries.  Apply here.

Political Campaign PR Internship
GlobalAES in Atlanta, GA
If you enjoy politics, this is the perfect company for you to intern with.  You will work with clients from all over the world and even promote a candidate running for office! Apply here.

There are many more internships in addition to public relations postings on our site! Click here to search all internships.

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