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Intern Picks: Translation Internships

October 3, 2012

Every day, our intern Mitzi gets a sneak peek at all of the new internships being posted daily on Each week she’ll choose a theme and highlight a few of the new internships she thinks are cool/useful/interesting.

Mitzi Rodriguez

By Mitzi Rodriguez

Growing up speaking Spanish at home, English once I stated school, and now Portuguese after seven months in Brazil, my interest in languages has become more eminent. Dr. Judith Kroll, a psychologist and linguist at Penn State University states that “bilingualism is good for you and the more exercise you get, the better off your brain may be as you age.” I for one enjoy any chance I get to practice my languages, especially when I get to translate between them. So for other language junkies like myself, who want to exercise their language abilities by translating, these internship listings are for you!

Japanese/Chinese/Korean Translators
VR-Zone in Elk Grove, CA
Are you fluent in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean? VR-Zone needs talented interns who can help translate  their tech news from anywhere in the world.  Apply here!

Dutch Translation and Social Coordinator Internship
DBA Worldwide in Santa Monica, CA
Speak Dutch fluently? This tech start-up is looking for new team members to help them grow their international presence! Apply Here.

Translation Internship
Vocalink Inc. in Dayton, OH
Language service provider is looking for translators in any language who are able to work independently, have attention to detail, are deadline driven and have excellent writing and communication skills.  Apply here.

Interpreter/ Translator Internship
Community Mediation Services in Jamaica, NY
Community Mediation Services is looking for Spanish speaking interns to assist with translations during mediation sessions. Interns will have the opportunity to display their fluency and practice doing translations on a professional level, a perfect start to a career in translation! Apply Here.

Chinese Web Translator
Asian icandy Inc. in Los Angeles, CA
This web shop needs someone who can read and write Chinese while still hold a love for fashion to help them translate product descriptions! Apply here.

Search through more Translation internships here. Have any suggestions on what language Mitzi should learn next? or What type of internships we should highlight next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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