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Sunny Side Up: Down with the sickness

February 22, 2011

There are two situations when you’d rather be anywhere than at work: when you are terribly hungover, or when you are terribly sick.

I’ve NEVER personally experienced the first one, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty bad. I imagine it to be a lot like being really sick – which I have been. Twice. In the past month. The solution used to be stay home, watch hours of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVR (thank you, SOAPnet), and ask someone for the notes I missed in class.

But I can’t just not show up now. I am a full-time working young adult and I’m mature and have responsibilities and stuff. And also, I don’t want to use up all my sick days in the 2nd month of the year on a measly little cold.

Sick at work? Better stock up.

So, here’s how to be sick at work:

  • Keep the Purell close by. Whether or not you believe it works or actually works against you, use it and keep it out for others to use. Oh you just went out the door that we all have to go out of, and touched the handle? 1. RUDE. And 2. Purell me, please.
  • Don’t talk about how sick you are feeling. If it’s really that bad, go home.
  • Go the restroom or away from your desk if you need to blow your nose. The people around you don’t need to hear the business going on inside your nose. It’s just… yuck.
  • Cough and sneeze into your arm. Not your hands. And direct it away from your coworkers.
  • Bundle up. It gets cold in the office,and it’s no one else’s problem that your teeth are chattering.

The goal really is to make it appear that you are actively trying to get better. Which,you hopefully genuinely are trying to do. When is time to go home? When you may have fallen asleep with your eyes open while staring at the computer screen, people look at you with an “Are you OK?’ look, and/or you are delirious with a fever.

Eventually I did everyone a favor and went home for a couple of days. The “sick’ was just too much to handle, and really, I was gross. And, no one wants to be “that person’ who got everyone at work sick.

Anyone have feel better remedies? Share in the comments below!

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