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Fashionable, professional and comfortable at the same time

April 19, 2011

workit header Fashionable, professional and comfortable at the same time

Work It! is a series focusing on workplace wardrobe and fashion. You’ve already met Ellie Krupnick when she shared her stories of interning with NYC’s hottest fashion publications – now she’s back to share some wardrobe advice for you fashion interns.

WORKITweek1outfit Fashionable, professional and comfortable at the same time

People dress comfortably at Ellie's showroom internship, so she chose this casual-but-sharp denim/army jacket pairing.

Getting dressed for an internship is tough: Although some internships require super formal attire (i.e. black suits in finance) or allow super casual clothes (i.e. jeans and a T-shirt as a P.A. on a TV set), most internships fall somewhere in between. For me, interning in fashion, getting dressed for work requires balancing the formal/casual question with an additional variable: style. How do you dress fashionably, professionally and comfortably all at the same time?

This past Monday, as always, I was heading to my showroom internship: I needed an outfit that was trendy (the women I work with posses an enviable combo of high-fashion sophistication and hipster cool) but also functional for my day full of errands. Here’s what I wore and what I did:

My army jacket

I had to bring packages of clothing samples destined for bloggers to UPS a couple of blocks away, and it was a breezy 55 degrees. For these kinds of errands I need a light jacket that will match everything, and this green one from Gap Kids (yup— one of my fashion secrets) is the perfect piece.

My flared jeans

Seventies-era bell bottoms are super “in” this season, meaning I displayed my fashion cred by donning these Old Navy flared pants to work. Plus, the basement showroom where we all work on our own laptops (with Pandora blasting) is a fairly casual place…

My button-down shirt

… But not too casual. We had a buyer come into the showroom to see one of our lines, deciding if she wanted to buy it for her store. I was glad I was wearing my traditional Ralph Lauren button-down, which always makes me feel polished and professional.

My platform heels

These shoes are the perfect fashion internship shoe: they are comfortable (so much so I could walk ten blocks to the bank to deposit a check for my boss), they are trendy enough to get positive approvals from my fashionable co-workers, and they work with shorts, skirts, skinny pants … and bell-bottom jeans.

Check back next week for internship outfit ideas! Until then, browse around on Stuff We Love for more on fashion, beauty, and other stuff I’m loving…

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