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From College Classroom to Fast-paced Digital Media Internship

August 8, 2012

Melissa DiVietri (@missydi) is a Senior at Ferris State University, majoring in New Media/Printing Management.  Read more on her blog.

Melissa DiVietri

By Melissa DiVietri

I have always considered myself as a dedicated individual who goes the extra mile for every accomplishment. I am a bubble of smiles, eager to learn new things and always prepared for every obstacle placed in my pathway.

I began my search for my summer internship in November 2011. I made an ‘internship board,’ which included all the companies I applied, the job description and sticky notes on responses from human resource departments. I would follow-up with companies every 3-4 weeks on job opportunities. After months of searching, I got a break with the help of networking within my connections. I received a phone interview for a Digital Media position at The Garage / Team Mazda in Southern California. After my offer letter came in the mail, I had less than a few weeks to find housing, book a plane ticket and make a lifestyle that was halfway across the country work for me. I crammed in tremendous hours at my campus student jobs during finals week to afford first month’s rent, apartment security deposit and transportation. Let me say – hard work & determination will pay off!

My first day at The Garage was a memorable adventure; one that I will never forget. My digital media team asked me to attend an Automotive News Seminar in Los Angeles to enjoy a presentation from our Mazda client. I dressed for success by wearing classy business attire and shaking hands with anyone who looked approachable. I wasn’t afraid to jump into this ocean of marketers and advertisers.

Melissa DiVietri

Melissa hanging out at her internship

My internship was a challenging position but I learned so much about leadership, business marketing, advertising, trafficking and organizing time management within an automotive environment. I sat with my team in rep meetings while taking detailed notes on the real-world technology services. I wasn’t afraid to ask the reps questions on their services in video, social, display, audience buying or targeting tactics. I forced myself to adapt a fast-paced environment because every day was a new experience; something I wasn’t prepared even with my college experience. When I need assistance, my team members were always available to train my skills to effectively reach my tasks.

My responsibilities as a digital media intern were familiarized in the workflow of a digital advertising campaign. I compiled mass amounts of data, executed plans for campaigns for each quarter and tracked billing records to our other offices. I kept track of all job duties in notebooks; organizing different job duties and jotting down notes on ‘How-To’ do something.

Advertising agencies are reacting to real-world tactics, ideas that are benefiting today’s world. I brushed up on my technology skills by reading advertising books, Advertising Age magazines and e-marketers newsletters. Technology is always changing, so its better to keep up-to-date on the changes than not at all!

I paved my way for success by dedicating long hours and exposing my talents to the agency. When I graduate from Ferris State University, I hope to find an opportunity in advertising or music entertainment marketing. I will leave Team Mazda will a handful of connections and multitude of new skills that I can apply towards my future. I know what real experience feels like while enjoying beautiful Southern California! I hope I will leave an impact as big as the team has left on me.

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Melissa DiVietri August 8, 2012 at 1:40 pm

I love the article, thanks so much for posting!


Modern Girl, Future Cat Lady August 8, 2012 at 1:59 pm

I just completed my first internship as an eMarketing intern and shared a very similar experience to yours. I find it so inspiring that you relocated for your internship and your application process was so organized and persistent. I'm definitely going to implement some of your tactics. Thank you for sharing!


Melissa DiVietri August 20, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Modern Girl, Future Cat Lady,

I would love to hear more about your eMarketing internship! Let me know if you have some time to share social media links.

Best, Melissa


Tai Chi Chuan w Gdansku September 16, 2012 at 11:57 am

Great information. It's really useful. Thanks


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