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Featured Student: Megan Walsh

June 26, 2011

Every Friday, we’ll have a new Featured Student who will share some fun facts about themselves,  be featured on the Employer home page, and get a fun gift from us.

Just for being so awesome.

Featured Student headerMegan Walsh, Washington National Cathedral intern

Megan Walsh

I’m a marketing intern at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and I will be going into my senior year at the University of Delaware with a double major in English and political science and a minor in advertising. I’m very interested in advertising and market research because the decision-making  process consumers go through before buying a product fascinates me.

Mad Men may have influenced my choice of advertising as a minor. In the future, I expect to work for a high-end ad agency in NYC and wear retro polka-dot dresses everyday. Some tell me these are unrealistic explanations, but I aim to prove them wrong.

This past January, I studied sociology and health care in London and have been obsessed with anything British ever since. I loved the way they perceive problems, especially when it comes to health care, and their overall friendliness toward lost study abroad students. I would love to go back soon. Admittedly, if you tell me a product was made in England, originated in England, or was worn by a British celebrity, I will most likely buy it.

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