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Just Hired: Mark Johnson

October 13, 2011

Each week we’ll feature a newly hired intern who will share some fun facts about themselves, how they landed their new gig, and maybe give you a little motivational boost!

Intern Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

2011 Graduate of Loyola University New Orleans, Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies w/ minors in Business Administration and Psychology

What’s your new gig? Interning with the company Intelligence Tapped, Inc. I am writing articles concerning innovations within the music industry that are published online at as well as on Amazon’s Kindle.

3 things about you. GO.

  1. I am a musician trying to keep well rounded.
  2. I am a guitar instructor for the New Orleans Academy of Music and the bassist/guitarist for local folk-rock band The Acadias.
  3. I love to ponder all things music, especially trends in popular music and songwriting, and I never pass up an excuse to concentrate and write things down.

How’d you find your new internship? I made my profile and contacted two open internship positions listed on the website. Within three days I was hired. is a simple to use website that has real listings from a plethora of great companies. Thanks again!

Leave any questions for Mark in the comments below. Did you recently land a new internship? Tell us about it!

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