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How I found my voice in radio

February 14, 2011

Today, we hear from Theresa Bolar, a high school student who sounds totally thrilled to be interning at KCOH Radio 1430 in Houston.

I changed my major at least three times in high school. Then, finally, I became more open with myself and joined the Drama Club. I went to practice all four years, but I would go on for two weeks then quit after two weeks (I know – pointless, right!)

After that, I started doing the morning announcements for my school and halftime announcements at the football games. I kid you not – with that wonderful experience, I thought my voice was strong. (NEWS REPORTER STRONG.)

My coach found me this internship at KCOH Radio and I’ve been doing it for about two or three months now. I do a sports rap with Ralph Cooper, the best-of-the-best at what he does. The one thing that I absolutely, positively love about being on the radio every Friday as an intern is that I cannot stop smiling when someone I just got off the phone with is listening. I love it … while I’m reading my report I can never stop smiling. I try so hard to keep it under control.

Sometimes, I sit the phone on the desk in front of me and wait patiently with my headphones on. Then I get nervous and I text people to tell them I’m about to go on air. When I text them,I start telling them I’m going to mess up or skip a few words,but all it really does is makes me laugh. I smile to keep myself from laughing outrageously.

I love my internship, and hopefully it can really take me somewhere in life. I will never doubt this opportunity, and I’ll take full advantage of it!

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Theresa! Sounds like you’ve got a great  head start and a bright future ahead of you.

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