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“Meet the Intern”…Nicole

May 21, 2010

Meet the Intern:  10 Questions With…

Name: Nicole Chambati

School: Radford University

Major: Marketing/ Business Management

Graduation Year: 2013

1,,)       How did you find out about your current internship – a job board, college career office, friends, etc..?

It was by chance that I discovered this internship. I received an email from the American Marketing Association on campus about this opportunity and it was right in my field which was very fortunate. I immediately took a chance and applied because it was a great start to my future plans.

2)      What was the hardest part about landing this internship?

The hardest part was actually the time crunch and lack of college experience.  I found out about the internship two days before it was due and making such a quick decision for such an important position is difficult. Once I had spoken to the Internship Coordinator and asked her many questions, I was comfortable enough to go ahead and complete the application. Being a freshman with not much college marketing experience, I was nervous about having to compete for the position with others who may be more qualified. Nonetheless, I think I was given a chance because of the way I presented myself, the experience I had from high school and the potential they saw in me.

3)      After your interview, what did you say in your thank you note to the interviewer? (Did you send a thank you note?)

I thanked my interviewer for the opportunity but I forgot to send a thank you note. I realize that it is important to send one and it is something I have learned to do for the future. I have still made sure to thank my interviewer who is now my Internship Coordinator after every conversation on the phone or through email.

4)      What are you working on in this internship/what are your duties?

This internship involves a variety of tasks. I am currently working on a marketing campaign in and around Radford University. I have done marketing presentations, blog posts, video logs, learned how to shorten links that I use to promote the site on Facebook. My main duty is to market around campus which includes posting fliers on bulletin boards and in residence halls, distributing t-shirts and ping-pong balls. Every so often, I will receive a survey or a form to fill out for the company that is beneficial to them.

5)       What is your favorite part of this internship?

I actually have a few favorites when it comes to this internship. I like the opportunity it has given me to meet new people and reach out and help my peers find internships that are well suited for them. I also enjoy the challenge that it provides especially when I’m marketing the site or trying to get people to participate in my presentations or marketing campaign. My most favorite part is the great communication I have between my internship coordinator and me. We have gotten along from the very beginning and she has served as an encouragement for me to do everything to the best of my ability. I make sure all of my assignments are complete on time and ask questions as I go just to make sure that everything is being done to her and the company’s standards.

6)      What’s your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to use my marketing degree and experience along with my business management degree for the better good of others. I would like to build and run a daycare in Zimbabwe for children with special needs and do my best to make sure that they succeed and get many great opportunities in life.

7)      How is this internship helping you toward that goal (what do you hope to gain from this internship?)

I hope to gain a sense of what it is like to be in the field of marketing. It is also helping me to learn about the effort takes to gain people’s attention and have them participate in different activities and campaigns.

8)      How much internship do you expect to complete by the time you graduate?

I expect to gain a variety of internship experience by the time I graduate. I am not sure just how many by number but as long as I get an internship opportunity every summer to do something related to my field; I will be content.

9)      What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give to prospective interns about how to get an employer’s attention and stand out during the internship application process?

Just be yourself in the way you represent yourself. Show the employer why you’re the best for the position despite all other competition.

10)   Conciseness test!  In 250 characters or less, how do you answer this tough internship interview question:  “What’s your greatest weakness?'

My greatest weakness has always been my unwillingness to step out of my comfort zone. I can excel at what I set my mind to but only if it’s in an environment I am comfortable in. Meeting new people and experiencing new things is also a passion of mine; if they are coming into my territory not the other way around. Being an international student has helped me turn that weakness into strength. Change has been a big part of my life and it has encouraged me to adjust to new settings. When I first got this internship I was so nervous about getting people together that weren’t my friends or classmates.  However, marketing is all about finding people around you and reaching out to others that are further away in order to get the point across. I have since learned that stepping out of my comfort zone is a learning experience that is important for my future.

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