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Meet the Intern…Michael O’Donnell

September 10, 2010

1. Tells us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Michael, a senior marketing major at Penn State University, graduating in the spring 2011.

I’m pretty big into sports. I am the Vice-President of the club lacrosse team here at Penn State, and I play in a floor hockey league.  I would say objectivism forms a strong basis for the type of person that I am, and how I approach subjects like politics, economics and business/entrepreneurship.

2. What internship(s) have you already had?  How did you find your internship(s)?

Currently, I am partaking in my first internship. I am the product launch intern (Intern Profits for Efficient Enterprises Inc.

In the beginning of my internship I had to make a lot of phone calls to different universities to find out more about their internship programs so that we could build up our database. This was an extremely boring and repetitive task, but I am actually grateful that I had to execute this task because as a result, my communication skills improved tremendously.  I am confident that everything that I’ve learned thus far will benefit me long after my internship is over.

I found my internship with help from my school’s career center, and was attracted to it because the description clearly stated that I would be working in a small business environment.

3.  What is the most important advice you would give to fellow interns/students?

I would advice all students and interns out there to be the type of person that gets things done, even if that means that you need to search on Google to figure something out and teach yourself.

4.  What’s your ultimate career goal?

My dream has always been to start my own business, which is why the job description of working with two entrepreneurs seemed so appealing to me.

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