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You & Me in NYC: Such Great Heights

August 2, 2011

This spring, Washington, D.C. native Leen Zada won free summer housing in New York City in EHS’s You & Me in NYC promotion with Over the summer, she’s been interning for the nonprofit Participatory Culture Foundation in mid-Manhattan. Today, we hear a little more about the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood where Leen has been living.

Leen Zada

Leen took her visiting friend Maryam out on the town.

By Leen Zada

I hate thinking about how much time I have left in New York, but the summer is really coming to an end and reality is starting to hit me. Seeing some of my EHS friends leave one by one every week is making it more real. This past week we had a goodbye dinner for one of our friends who was leaving EHS early, at a restaurant by the seaport.

My friend Maryam came up to visit again for the night on Saturday. We wanted a relaxing day, so we got breakfast at a restaurant down the street from EHS, and had scrumptious scrambled eggs with hash browns and bacon – my favorite breakfast food!

After starting out the day right, we got some iced chai lattes and went to tan at the park for a bit.  We then decided to get mani-pedis, so we headed to a nail salon on Montague Street. What I love about Brooklyn Heights is that anything you need is close by, whether it’s a hair salon, CVS, a grocery store, etc. — and of course, the many restaurants and cafes.

Joya Pad Thai

Leen is a fan of the Pad Thai at Joya on Court Street.

After our relaxing afternoon, we headed to the seaport at Pier 17 to check out the Mad Decent Block Party. If I had one word to describe it, it would be “crazy.”

Stephen — one of my EHS friends — introduced me to Thai food, which has become my new obsession. We found a small hidden restaurant on Court Street called Joya that has really good Thai food. So I took my friend Maryam there, and we both enjoyed a delicious meal of spicy Pad Thai with chicken and Thai tea.

On Sunday, I finally went to Central Park with my friend Katy. I forgot how big and beautiful the park is. As we walked around, we noticed so many different events going on.

I ended my Sunday night by getting a light dinner, then went swimming at the gym. This following week will be my last week at my internship, so I’m trying to finish up the different projects that have been assigned to me. When my internship ends, I have a few days to roam around NYC and finish everything on my to-do-list!

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