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You & Me in NYC: Starting the internship, seeing old friends

June 14, 2011

Leen on Broadway

Leen gets some shopping done on Broadway after her internship at Participatory Culture Foundation lets out.

In May, Washington, D.C. native Leen Zada won free summer housing in New York City in EHS’s You & Me in NYC promotion with This week, Leen updates us on her internship at the Participatory Culture Foundation and lets us in on some cool hangouts around town.

By Leen Zada

Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.” I made sure to wake up early on my first day so I would have enough time to get ready and head to work! I had set two alarms on my phone because I am the “snoozer” type, and I even kept my blinds open so I would wake up from the light, if anything!

The Empire State BuildingI already had my subway route saved on my iPhone, thanks to multiple apps that would pretty much save my life if I was ever lost! I listened to music and was pretty excited to get started as I walked over to the office. I was 30 minutes early, so I waited around till 11:15, then decided to go in. I was greeted by my two awesome bosses, Anne and Dean. They welcomed me, talked to me about the Participatory Culture Foundation, and introduced me to other interns.

I am a marketing and media outreach intern for PCF.  I have been assigned several projects to work  on. All my projects are on a spreadsheet that contains current, proposed, and finished projects. It helps me keep track of what I need to do and what I have finished, it allows my supervisors to see my productivity, and so on.  We are always adding more projects to the spreadsheet, which I think is great!

What I like about working here is that there is always something to do. I have several different projects to work on, so I’m always busy doing something. I’ve only been here for two weeks and I’ve learned so much already.

Working with PCF and on Miro Community and Universal Subtitles has been a great learning experience.  Some of my projects include making a Miro website and posting videos on it, which I am still working on.  I have also written two blog posts for Miro, which can be found here and here.

Leen's room

Leen and a friend hang out at her EHS residence in Brooklyn Heights.

Every other week, I am supposed to find three interesting videos on active Miro websites and blog about them. I published my first post yesterday!

As for Universal Subtitles, I have two different projects.

  1. Find potential clients/video creators and reach out to them to use our awesome free collaborative software to get their videos translated/subtitled into different languages.  By using the software, they will gain a global audience and their material will be available to anyone who is hard of hearing.
  2. Translate Al Jazeera videos from Arabic to English.  Which I also enjoy, because after a video is translated to English, a lot of people start translating it to different languages, and I get to practice my Arabic!
Nespresso, New York City

Leen's new favorite place to catch a coffee in SoHo is Nespresso.

I am also working on the PCF internal wiki page. From working on the wiki page and the blogs, I’m learning to use HTML and just becoming more creative.

I really enjoy interning here. It is a relaxed environment and everyone is really friendly. I am allowed to take my lunch whenever I want, and let me tell you: I love the location of the PCF offices in the middle of Soho! There are an infinite number of different restaurants and cafes to eat at. After work, I try do some damage and go shopping on Broadway 🙂

My go-to places to eat at are Soho Park, where I usually get a delicious cheeseburger with French fries and a coke!  And afterwards I stop at Starbucks to get some coffee; or I go to Nespresso, which has got to be the coolest espresso bar I’ve ever been to.

Rooftop bar at the Gansevoort Hotel

The rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel

This past weekend two of my friends from DC came to visit me, so of course we did all the “touristy” things. We walked around Soho and Times Square, and we ended the night by going to the Gansevoort Hotel in Chelsea, where we hung out at the gorgeous rooftop. This coming weekend, my girlfriends are coming to celebrate my 21st birthday, which is on June 20! So I am looking forward to that!

I’m loving NYC, and couldn’t think of a better way than to spend my summer in the city, interning and exploring everything New York has to offer.