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You & Me in NYC: Turning 21 in New York City

June 22, 2011

In May, Washington, D.C. native Leen Zada won free summer housing in New York City in EHS’s You & Me in NYC promotion with Leen now interns for the nonprofit Participatory Culture Foundation, and this week, she tells us about how she celebrated her 21st birthday NYC-style.

Leen and Maryam kayak in NYC
Leen and Maryam kayak with the Manhattan skyline in the background.
By Leen Zada

I was really happy that my girlfriends came to visit me for my 21st birthday this weekend! My friend Maryam got here Friday evening, so we went out that night to Chelsea with my EHS friends and had a blast. The next day, we laid out at Hillside Park to catch some rays with the spectacular view of the promenade. We then went kayaking on the water, which was a lot of fun given we both sucked at it and were trying not to run into anyone or anything.

After kayaking we went back to my place, showered and headed to the city to do some shopping and get dinner. After shopping around for a while, we decided to eat at a sushi restaurant called Nobu, which is by far the best sushi restaurant I have been to. The rock shrimp tempura with ponzu or creamy spice sauce and the spicy tuna roll were my favorite!

I then took her to the Gansevoort Hotel to show her the amazing view from the rooftop lounge, Plunge.


Leen and Maryam visited the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel in Chelsea before picking up Rena from the airport.

Leen eats brunch with her friend Rena (not pictured) near the EHS residence in Brooklyn Heights.

My friend Rena arrived around midnight, so we picked her up and went out in the city! The next day Maryam left, so I showed Rena around. We sat outside and had a scrumptious brunch at a restaurant right down the street from EHS. Then we headed to Soho and Chelsea to shop around, where Rena bought me an awesome birthday present!

I had a great weekend spent with new and old friends, stay tuned for my next post, which will have a list of everything I want to do to while I’m in New York this the summer. I’ve been here for three weeks now and I feel as if time is flying by, which is why I want to make the most out of my stay here!

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