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Fitting into a great company culture

May 10, 2011

By Synthia Salas

“Sunny Side Up” isn’t just the name of my blog series … it’s a lifestyle! And even though my co-worker Alex/our blog editor PESTERS me about getting this post done each week, I really enjoy doing it.

(So you guys know- Alex tries to impose a deadline for me, but so far I’m zero for however-many-weeks I’ve been writing this. Not that you’re worried, but he always makes sure that I have it done by the end of the day:

Alex: What was Cher’s husbands name, again? The singer?

Me: Umm… Sonny?

Alex: *silence*

It takes a minute for his subtle “Sonny/sunny” hint to sink in, which was the inspiration for today’s post – having fun with your co-workers.)

Alex at the holiday party

Alex can give stern looks sometimes, but he's rarely actually angry.

I don’t mean to brag, but, working here is pretty sweet. One of the reasons it’s so great is that everyone gets along pretty well (even on Tuesdays when Alex is so mean about me getting this post done). I think this is what they call “company culture” – feel free to implement in your own place of employment:

Create traditions

  • Every Friday we have Pizza Friday: $6 for your own personal pizza, Caesar salad, AND a drink. Of course it’s what we’re having, and you better believe we sit at the table to eat it.
  • Not because we’re lazy, but because it adds a little something to the week: Delivery Wednesday. Food delivery is awesome, and not just because I get to pick the place each week.
  • Happy hour – It’s only the happiest hour of the day!

The interns got sooooo caffeinated.

Find things to do that are kind of ridiculous but still great for the company

  • Will it Staple? Each week we would film this with our interns, and deciding what to staple each week was quite the dilemma.
  • Order tens of thousands of ping-pong balls … for branding purposes!

Be considerate

  • If you know that your coworker is going to have an especially rough morning due to an especially late night out, leave a 5-hour Energy on their desk. Thanks, Yair.
  • Making it rain: it’s really the only way to pay people back (specifically, the person in the cubicle next you you) when they let you borrow money. You’re welcome, Raman.

If you have to spend the majority of your week with them, you may as well make it fun! at Dimple's

The crew live at the Dimples, (allegedly) the world's first karaoke venue.

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