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Interns for a day: Keeping up with Fast Horse Inc

March 31, 2011

Fash Horse Intern For-a-DayOn March 11, Minneapolis-based marketing agency Fast Horse had a group of college students in its office to participate in the Fast Horse intern-for-a-day program. We (Grant Spanier, Margaret Steck, Vince Koci and Megan Barrett) are that group. We’re all Twin Cities college students/internship-seekers interested in advertising and PR agencies.

Fast Horse is an integrated agency offering a range of services — including strategy, design, content marketing, advertising, social media, special event planning and more. After we heard about the program through the agency’s Facebook page, we submitted content for the agency’s blog, The Idea Peepshow, to be eligible.

Grant Spanier, Margaret Steck, Vince Koci, Megan Barrett

Grant Spanier, Margaret Steck, Vince Koci and Megan Barrett were interns for a day at Fast Horse.

Fast Horse then selected the four of us as its next intern-for-a-day group and brought us in to show us what the shop is all about. We threw ideas around, climbed on a few roofs, and even got to work on an actual proposal — and got paid for it. All in all, it pretty much kicked ass.

We definitely learned a thing or two after giddying up with the Fast Horse crew. The following are a few important tips for all our fellow advertising and PR internship-seekers out there:

1. Be Proactive – Get out there and do something, why don’t you! The world of advertising and PR is a fast one. Seize every opportunity you can, whether that’s attending networking events, shadowing at an agency, seeking out volunteer and internship experiences or participating in social media discussions. When you can prove you’re an avid learner who’s eager to get involved in anything that comes your way, you get noticed (and become somewhat of a hot commodity on the market).

2. Sell Yourself – In a business that’s all about marketing products and ideas, you won’t be taken seriously if you can’t sell the most important person of all – yourself. Advertising and PR agencies seek out candidates who know how to market themselves and know how to do it well. Don’t know quite how to do that? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Start a blog: Blogging not only showcases your writing ability, it gives you the chance to prove to potential employers that you always have your thinking cap on. Check out some of our personal blogs to get the ball rolling (athinkcloud, Mar on the Go!, PRassion).
  • Get social media smart: Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are great tools to connect with potential employers and learn more about the industry. Social media is becoming an essential part of the advertising and PR world and as millennials, we’re not only encouraged, but expected to know the ins and outs of the social media world.

3. Network, network, network – Did we already say network? But seriously, they aren’t kidding when they say “It’s all about who you know.” Some of us are here at the intern-for-a-day program today because we met a Fast Horse employee who told us all about the awesomely cool gig. Others of us got a foot in the door at a competitive agency because we took the time to set up informational interviews and job shadows. We won’t be the first to stress to you the importance of networking and we certainly won’t be the last, so get out there and meet some cool people!

There you have it! Follow those simple suggestions, and you too might get to hang out with some cool communications masters (or even BE one … in the distant, distant future). Good luck, ride strong, and peace out.

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