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I Met My New Boss at the Book Store

June 16, 2011

Cynthia Vallecillo (@cvallecillo903) is a student at the University of Central Florida who maintains a blog on the cuisine and sights of sunny Florida.

Cynthia Vallecillo, GeneWiz Life Sciences
By Cynthia Vallecillo

Summertime was quickly approaching, and while the rest of the world had the beach in mind, I had internship on my mind. I made it a goal to pursue and obtain a summer internship in communications. I quickly learned that it would not be easy and that I needed to put myself out there. I began looking into all the social media resources that would advance my search for this internship. I started a Twitter page and, because of my love for writing, I decided to start my own blog — which in turn multiplied to two blogs. Although entering the social media world was assisting with my internship search, I needed to physically get myself out there and meet my potential internship.

That same day, I got a reply from Patty, who was excited to inform me that she was looking for an intern to work in her marketing department.

Book stores are a typical setting in my life, and on this particular day, my friend accompanied me for some insightful reading. At the book store, we wandered off to our desired sections. After a few minutes I went to the audio section, where I found my friend actively engaged in conversation with a friendly-faced woman. I walked over to join and was introduced to Patty. Patty was so vibrant, her energy was contagious from the moment we were introduced. Thirty minutes later, the conversation came to an end and I asked for her business card.

After the book store encounter, I decided to email Patty and invite her to my meditation class, which she showed interest in when we first met. The emailing continued for a couple of weeks when I decided to include in one of my emails my search for a summer internship. I was hesitant at first to ask her if she knew of anyone or anything that would offer a summer internship in communications. I thought to myself, “What do I have to lose?” That same day, I got a reply from Patty, who was excited to inform me that she was looking for an intern to work in her marketing department. She was relieved and ecstatic that her intern search would soon be over, and was more than willing to give me an opportunity. Prior to the internship offer, I had shared my blogs, Twitter, and Facebook page with Patty and expressed to her what career I was looking for. She knew exactly the experience  I was searching for and offered me all that and more.

Shy of two months of our first meeting, I currently work side by side with Patty as a sales and marketing coordinator for GeneWize Life Sciences. I have been working at GeneWize for only two weeks, and already I have been exposed to event planning and entering the communications world. Overall, I will be introducing GeneWize to the social media world getting the company and the products out there, while assisting with events.

If you want something, you have to go for it. There can be no hesitations, and putting yourself out there is vital. Talk to anyone and everyone. You may just walk away with an internship.

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