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An ode to Daylight Savings Time

March 15, 2011

After the annoyance of adjusting to a new schedule wears off, and you stop being mad at your iPhone for not getting the “Spring Forward” memo, Daylight Savings Time is actually kind of wonderful.

I don’t know about you, but cold/rainy/snowy/grey/dark/all-of-the-above are not on my list of “Sunny Side Up” adjectives. Southern California, born and raised, means I like my sunshine and warm weather. I haven’t officially been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder , but the winter makes me so … very … bleh. Cool, I get to use my umbrella and wear a coat for a few weeks, but my schedule starts looking like this: Wake up, go to work and sit inside all day (love you,; go home (it’s dark, by the way); bundle up (it’s cold!) and watch Netflix; sleep; repeat.

It’s so embarrassing. Winter turns me into a boring, old lady.

Downtown Los Angeles as seen from the Hollywood Hills. (Photo: Boqiang Lao)

But now, there is sun out when I get home. And I’m not just talking about getting to watch the sunset while I am waiting to get on the 101. I mean, I can get home and do activities, in the daylight.

What kind of activities? In my case, hiking — but in anyone’s case, relaxation without guilt.

Hiking (or any unlit outdoor activity) is no longer limited to weekend mornings. Because, let’s be serious, weekend nights can make these a little difficult. I am lucky enough to live walking distance to Griffith Park, and when I get up to the observatory on a clear day I can see all of Los Angeles, all the way to the ocean. It’s pretty much the best way to start or end any day. I prefer to — and now I can — end my days this way.

Get home from school or work and just enjoy the time of day you weren’t able to before. Instead of coming home to relax on the couch, put your cell phone on silent, take out the ear phones, and just go out and soak in some Vitamin D. Seriously, try it.

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