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Online Marketing Skills Make You Attractive to Employers

November 9, 2011

This is a guest post from Myron Corporation. Myron specializes in quality promotional products like custom calendars and personalized pens, and works closely with businesses to select the right promotional products to acquire, strengthen and grow relationships with customers and employees.

The changes that have recently come to the world of advertising have shifted the emphasis of many marketing campaigns. Brand awareness is no longer necessarily something that small businesses can afford to raise in the traditional sphere. Instead, online efforts have replaced the usual methods of connecting with customers and spreading information about products and services.

“… candidates need to show that they’re capable of helping companies succeed on the internet.”

As a result, many interns will likely find themselves asked about new skill sets and abilities when interviewing for marketing and advertising positions. As small businesses attempt to do more with less, a greater burden is being placed on unpaid or temporary employees, so these candidates need to show that they’re capable of helping companies succeed on the internet.

Here are some skills that all interns should possess if they hope to appear helpful to such organizations:


Traditional advertisements certainly needed competent and proficient writers to convey their messages, but the needs of modern marketing need to be updated. Interns will likely be called upon to write passages intended for search engine optimization techniques, which require some knowledge of the role that keywords and links play. Be sure to have a cursory knowledge of the ways in which webpages are made attractive to Google and other search services.

Student Intern Sitting At His ComputerSocial media

Most students and recent graduates will no doubt be familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. Of course, sending messages and updates to one’s friends is a far cry from communicating with customers, though some skills translate from one to the other. Be sure to study the way that successful companies send news and messages to consumers by following or becoming friends with organizations that seem to be doing well with their online marketing campaigns on social networking sites.


One Achilles’ heel to which many small businesses succumb is a lack of competent proofreaders. While they may be talented at creating high-quality products and services, some companies just don’t possess the talent to spot common writing errors or grammatical mistakes. Be sure to have a firm grasp on the basics of readable English since it is likely that interns will be called upon to review copy and promotional materials that are to be integral parts of an inbound or marketing campaign.

Graphic design

Unless it’s her specialty, graphic design isn’t going to be a central element of an intern’s duties. However, having some knowledge of photo editing software or at least typeface design will make an intern very appealing to companies since some basic photographic creation can go a long way on a website, blog or social media profile.

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