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In High School? Use Acceptly to Get Into the College of Your Dreams

June 30, 2011

Acceptly is a new innovative resource for high school students that helps to navigate the often difficult college application and admission process. With high anticipation and a lengthy line of soon-to-be users waiting, Acceptly is gearing up to launch this Fall.


Do you want the internship or job of your dreams? It all starts before one might think. We at see a lot of inquiries from high school students about the possibility of an internship at such a young age. I assume all of you who are already interested an internship might also be planning on a college education after high school. Thank you for that, it restores my faith for the future of the workforce and humanity. Get into college; secure a lucrative internship then BOOM, corral a job right out of the gates! Ideal right? Very much so, but one cannot take for granted step one, getting in. More and more high school students are applying to colleges and universities every year. Stand out above the rest with help from Acceptly!

Acceptly is a new site built for high school students and parents to help them navigate the stressful (and often times confusing) college preparation process. It’s completely (and forever) free to use and can give students a real leg up come admissions time. Acceptly guides students step-by-step through the process of preparing for college by providing personalized action steps and resources to maximize student success.

One of the key points the Acceptly team stresses is the necessity of learning through internships, jobs and extracurricular activities. These experiences help teach vital life skills including responsibility and leadership. These are real life applications that help an individual grow both personally and professionally.

Acceptly is currently in the private beta stage until this fall. For you high school readers, they are offering private codes to the first 50 students who request access via email to the address below. For those of you who have experienced the college application process first hand, they would love to hear your feedback on your admissions process. Anything now you wish you had known then? Anything you think the Acceptly services can do to make the college application process easier? Let them know!

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