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Student Blogger: My study abroad checklist for Spain

March 22, 2011

Vannessa Vargas

This past semester I was presented with an amazing opportunity — studying abroad in Spain! The way it works is that if I pass the Intensive Spanish class I’m currently in, I get to go on the Spain study abroad program. Sure, I’m nervous, but really excited too!

While I was originally planning to just study in Spain, my career counselor suggested that I try to intern while I was there. Yes, please! Interning in the entertainment industry in Spain would be a great way to learn about media from an international perspective.  I have always loved Spanish films — they can be dark but optimistic at the same time. Spanish films are unique in that they can be so real at times and other times they take you on a fantasy ride. So my next project is to find an internship or job in Spain for the summer, ideally a paid one to help cover my time abroad.

Vista de la Alhambra, Spain

Vista de la Alhambra, Spain (Credit: Flickr user "bernjan")

I have a lot to plan for!  I need to figure out:

  • Which classes to take in order to finish my Spanish requirements
  • Where I’m going to stay while studying
  • How to look for a job or internship in Spain
  • How to finance the trip
  • Then there’s the travel plans

Whew. Lots to do!

It’s a bit nerve wracking having to figure all of these details out, as well as wrapping my head around what it’s going to be like to travel alone.

I think the thing I am most looking forward to is immersing myself in another culture. I’ll get to fine-tune my Spanish skills, see an amazing country, study at a new school, meet great people and learn more about myself.

If you have any suggestions or study abroad stories, please feel free to share!

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