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Student Blogger: My timeline for transitioning to the working world

April 19, 2011

Taryn Sidney, Student Blogger

Taryn Sidney

By Taryn Sidney

Even though I am only nearing the end of my junior year, I have already compiled a list of 20-plus places that I will be applying to before graduation. I have found that I am one of few people I know who have begun the job search process in some way. I have even told my career counselor that I am determined to find a job before spring break of senior year. Here is what my job search timeline looks like!

Summer 2011

During the summer, it is my goal to add more places to my list. The more places I apply, the better chance I will have of getting at least one job offer. Because I will be fresh out of college when I enter the job world, I am looking for jobs in all areas of communication like PR, broadcast journalism and print journalism. You have to start somewhere before you reach the top!

Fall 2011

In the fall amongst all my other commitments, I will be trying to find the time to develop cover letters and really fine-tune my resume. In order for me to get the job that I am looking for, it is important to impress whoever it is that I will be talking to! Hopefully by the end of fall semester I will be a pro at writing cover letters!

Spring 2012

Aaahh! This will be the most crucial time of my job search! During this time I will need to send out my resume and cover letters to all the places I am looking to apply! I will need to start looking for an apartment of some sort, and I still want to enjoy my senior year somehow! Hopefully by the time that spring break rolls around I will have landed the perfect job for me!

Through this entire process, I am keeping my options open and my dreams big! It never hurts to get the process started early… for all I know, this could be a major advantage and I will land the job of my dreams!

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