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Tracey’s Angle: How I keep in touch with previous employers

July 30, 2010

It's me!

Out of all of the companies that I have interned for, there isn’t one that I didn’t want to keep in contact with.  The question is, how did I keep in contact with these companies without being the pest that wouldn’t go away?   The key is to add value to the company in small ways even after you’re gone.  For instance…

–          Training your replacement. Your replacement may need a little guidance, and who better to give him or her that guidance than you?!  Becoming a mentor/pen pal to your replacement will definitely help your supervisor out, and will assure the company that you are interested in their continued success.

–          Spread the word. If you truly love the company that you interned for, why wouldn’t you want to spread the word about their “awesomeness?’  Dropping the company name to various groups or people at school, or in your new workplace adds to the branding of the company, and most importantly can reflect the growth of the company as well.

–          Sending them new hire referrals. If you have friends that fit the criteria of the company’s available intern or job descriptions, send them their way!  People always appreciate personal referrals who can be “vouched for.’

–          Connecting on LinkedIn. Search for the company on Linkedin, and start connecting with your former coworkers and supervisors. Utilizing professional social network sites is a great way to stay connected.

Keeping a respective and positive rapport with companies that you’ve interned for is vital for future reference letters and verbal recommendations that your supervisors may give for you later.

Next week I’ll share with you all how I check in with the career center at my school.

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Tracey L.

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