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Tracey’s Angle- Is a school-year internship worth it?

July 26, 2010

Hey all!

The balancing act of attending classes, doing homework, working, and participating at club meetings is one that will never be easy. Although the summer is the most popular season for doing an internship, I’ve actually found that a few of my most rewarding internship opportunities happened during the school year.

The first internship I did during a school year was in my second semester freshman year. Was it difficult to find the position? Relatively. Was I crazy for interning my freshman year? Maybe. Was it worth the time and effort? Most definitely. Upon completion of that internship, I had more field experience than a majority of my peers.

When I was considering taking that first internship, time management was my main worry.  I decided, however, that I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, so throughout that semester I stayed as organized as possible by keeping a tidy schedule, and writing all of my assignments and responsibilities down in my agenda book.

In my current internship at, I am lucky enough to have supervisors who understand my workload,and acknowledge it by allowing me to have a flexible schedule. Although I worked full-time this summer for,my supervisors and I decided to extend my internship through the fall semester. During the fall however, my job will transition from a full-time office position to a part-time virtual internship. I am pumped to continue learning with this company, and I can’t wait to tackle the challenges that are ahead of me.

When discussing school-year scheduling with your supervisor, I recommend bringing along a copy of your schedule and a few options for the best way to make the internship work with school. For example, you can propose doing a large chunk of your weekly hours in one day, or maybe working part time and spreading out your hours would work better for you. Another option is to work remotely and establish check-in reports with your supervisor throughout the week.

Get out there, apply for internships during the school year, and gain valuable experience!

Hope this inspires all the interns out there.


Tracey L.

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Angela Wong July 27, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Hi, thanks for your post. I have been thinking about taking an internship this coming semester, but have been unsure about whether or not I will take it because I’m wondering if I’m taking too many credits. How many credits did you take? In retrospect, how many would you recommend other people take in order to successfully balance school and an internship?

Reply July 28, 2010 at 10:32 am

Hey Angela, thanks for the question! I have always taken 15 or more credits (which is about 5-7 classes). I am a huge fan of graduating on time, lol, so I recommend taking as many courses as you need to be defined as a full-time student- for most this requirement is taking at least 4 classes. Taking 5 or 6 classes helps me to stay ahead of the game. Like I mentioned in my post, balancing schoolwork, internships, other jobs, and club meetings is all about organization and writing things down. My agenda book is my right hand man, lol. Everything related to my schedule is written down in it, so I never miss a meeting or don’t come into work. I am sure that you’re a diligent girl, and I am even more positive that you’ll be able to balance all of your engagements with your internship! Thanks for reading!


Angela Wong July 28, 2010 at 4:45 pm

Thank you for the advice!


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