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Tracey's Angle: Overloaded schedule?

November 22, 2010

Take it from the girl with a full load of classes, three jobs, and an internship: overloading your schedule is a “no no’.  Like I have mentioned in the past, my schedule is jam-packed but it’s also very organized. The conflict with overloading your schedule is that initial freak out that you are eventually going to have about there not being enough hours in the day to do everything. This conflict can be extremely draining and stressful—try to avoid it!

When adding things to your schedule, always take into account that there are only twenty-four hours in a day BUT 6-8 hours of these hours should be dedicated to sleep. Emphasis on should. As a college student, this tough.  I don’t know any of my friends who sleep 8 hours, as we are often cranking out 16-20 hour days. Take it from me:  don’t cut into your sleep time! It makes you less productive during the hours you’re awake.

Leisure time is also necessary. Sometimes I have so much work to do that the thought of leisure time feels so stressful because I am aware of everything that’s on my to-do list. I try to fill this time with exercise, watching my favorite television shows and spending time with friends.  During this time, I try to steer totally clear of my to-do lists. Overloading your schedule can sometimes result in the elimination of leisure time—but like sleep, it’s important to keep this in there, too.

Time management can be the difference between having a chaotic overloaded schedule and having one that is merely busy, but organized. It’s been proven that a sense of scheduled structure is extremely beneficial when dealing with a packed schedule,but the secret is to not take on more than you can chew in the first place,and you should be okay :]


Tracey L.

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