Brand Ambassador for a Fashion Startup

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Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Unpaid

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Boutine is a social e-commerce platform based in San Francisco designed to promote emerging international and local fashion designers. Users build their own virtual boutiques with their favorite Boutine items, style those items and share the looks they’ve created on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Users earn a 10% commission on all purchases made through their boutiques. Boutine is a fun, social, and rewarding way to style, share and shop.

As a Boutine brand ambassador, you will be working with a small team to assist in the promotion and development of an accelerating fashion technology start-up. Within our fast-paced work environment, you will be part of a close and compact team, where your voice will be heard and valued. You will be exposed to real world experiences in the following areas:

* Social media marketing
* Event planning and hosting
* Networking with designers and potential business partners
* Organizing and sourcing upcoming events for Boutine to participate in
* Styling online collections
* Team building
* Providing street style photos and on campus trends

In addition, as a Boutine Brand Ambassador, you’ll earn 20% commission on purchases made through your boutique, receive free and/or discounted Boutine merchandise, and potentially be featured on our social media channels.


Boutine is seeking ambassadors for the following roles

* Team Manager: There will be 2 Team Managers for each university. Team Managers will oversee each Boutine representative in the university and serve as the main point of contact.
* Event Coordinator: The event coordinator will work along side the team manager in planning and hosting Boutine events.
* Offline Marketing and Promotions Representatives: representatives will be in charge of promoting Boutine around their college campus.
* Greek and Club Liason: will develop relationship with workshops, clubs and sororities.
* Style Photographer: The photographer is responsible for taking pictures and/or videos of Boutine events and popular trends on campus.
* Social Media Representatives: Build awareness of Boutine online.
* Summer Style Spotters: Participate in Boutine blog and collect photos during the summer.


Our ideal Boutine Brand Ambassador likes to be involved with the community, has a fun and outgoing personality, keeps up with the latest trends, and has an interest in gaining experience in marketing and the fashion industry. Other qualities and traits we look for include the following:
* A social personality – you must feel comfortable meeting new people and starting up conversations
* A large social network (or one where you are the trendsetter or person of influence)
* The ability to work effectively in a team
* Good communication skills
* Strong speaking skills - you must be able to speak with energy and enthusiasm
* The ability to learn quickly and adapt to new environments
* An entrepreneurial spirit

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