Fashion Design internship (paid)

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Company Location: Tampa, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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Our company creates custom clothing designed (in part) by the wearer.

We are seeking a Fashion Design intern with excellent customer service skills, sewing expertise, design expertise, and a good feel for what types of designs will suit a particular person's shape.

Responsibilities include:
- Conferencing with the client via email or phone to figure out what custom clothes we can create that will work best for her
- Creating an original fashion illustration of the design
- Creating the garment designed
- Shipping the garment to the client


Your cycle of responsibilities for a particular project will be:
1. Conduct email or phone conference with the client you are designing for. Currently we only style women's clothing. The client will provide a photo so you can help decide which styles, colors, fabrics, etc. are most flattering. Final design decisions and all decisions about embellishment (lace, etc.) are left to the client.
2. Sketch an original fashion illustration of the design discussed. This will be emailed to the client so they can share in the progress of the finished piece.
3. Purchase materials for the garment (allowance will be provided) and craft it using machine sewing and hand-sewing where needed.
4. Mail the finished garment to the client, along with the fashion illustration of the original design.


Must have:
- Degree or certificate in Fashion Design (Please be able to provide portfolio snapshots if requested.)
- Proficiency with fashion illustration
- Great customer service skills (since you will conference via email or phone with the clients you'll be designing for)
- Proficiency with machine sewing
- Ability to work independently from home

How To Apply

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