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Dallas Flow Magazine is the premiere digital publication chronicling the upscale DFW lifestyle. We feature sophisticated fashion forward and feature the best DFW has to offer. Covering fashion, cuisine, culture, lifestyles, local celebrities, entertainment, beauty, and events, Dallas Flow is more than a magazine, it’s a destination for where upwardly mobile go to be in the know. As more publications explore converting to the digital format, Dallas Flow is maximizing the digital platform now.


We are looking to bring on 2-3 fashion stylists to work with established designers and stylist around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. After a short period of time working with us, we will guide you on styling your own photo shoots with different designers. We will provide the photography, professional models, assistants, and others as needed. Our goal is for you to reach a level where you have made a successful name for yourself, well known around the Dallas area and able to pull clothes and produce your own photo shoots.

You will also have our digital publication to post your monthly (or weekly) fashion blog and operate our Facebook Fashion Page.

This should be an exciting experience for you. You will have backstage access to all of the upscale fashion shows and events that we cover. This gives you a great opportunity to network with local celebrities, designers, photographers, models, and others.


You must be willing to work with other established stylists and fashion designers. This is a nine (9) month non-paid internship that will grant you access to the fashion world that can launch your career. As we work with established stylist like Willie Johnson, and Jeanette Chivvas, and designers like James Martinez, Oscar Fierro, Abi Ferrin, and others, you will gain a name for yourself and experience the fashion world from the inside. Plus attend fashion weeks in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles for our magazine, so you most be willing to travel.

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