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I am developing a street fashion line that is focusing on innovative graphic designs & sayings for silk screen & embroidered pieces, think brands such as The Hundreds, Mishka NYC, or most things skater/street culture. The brand is an expression of my thoughts and ideology which I also express through the medium of music. I am currently seeking innovative designers to assist in turning ideas into visuals.

My background in the Washington DC metro area is in government contracting, event hosting/promotion, artist management & I am an entertainment personality. With that being said, I am a walking billboard with an extensive network internationally. Your work will be seen, and if you assist in making the company more profitable you will be compensated!

Many of the design ideas I have already documented on paper, as I am a very meticulous artist myself. The heart and soul of this brand will come from the team that I build, so with saying that, the ideology is one that should inspire the designers that I work with to express themselves while keeping the foundation of the brand in mind. I am seeking a mix of artists that can take careful direction, yet can take a very minimal idea and grow it into something that surprises and inspires me.

An understanding of the mechanics of visual design and an understanding of the fashion industry is appreciated, though this internship will enhance the knowledge of an artist of any level. Because of my position as a entertainment brand manager, there are many opportunities for your work to be contracted to paying customers that I work with in and out of fashion.

This internship is non paying initially, but as the brand is released, commissions will be paid to the designers of the pieces, with the option to eventually become salaried. Sketch artists are welcome!


Interns will receive a task list at the top of the week with ideas that need to be worked into visuals. Some projects may require artists to work individually or in a team environment, with a check and balance system being created to screen designs for final production.

Additional tasks may include market research to stay ahead of the curve in regards to fashion trends and business competitors. Occasional meetings will be held, but interns are welcome from any part of the world, as I believe in using technology to complete tasks remotely.


Formal education is appreciated, but I am willing to work with artists with unconventional forms of education, though the work must be professional or close to professional quality:

- Well versed in graphic design tools (sketch artists welcome)
- understanding of visuals on fashion merchandise
- persistent attitude
- ability to work within calendar time frames
- able to allocate a set amount of time per week to work
- ability to think with simplicity or an abstract mind

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