Intern Wanted for Fall/Winter

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We are looking to hire a few internships to help our company expand and work on new ventures. Interns hired for this season will be on the ground floor to design a full collection as well as work a show for Edwing D'Angelo's Fashion Week Show in February 2014. This will be the best learning experience you will get anywhere. You won't be marginalized to menial task. You will learn and you will work. We are taking anyone who wants to learn. This internship will allow for remote work on some days.


Interns will be responsible to assist designer in many facets of business. Interns may be asked to hand-sew, sketch, build inspiration boards, organize documents, call vendors, scout models and locations, as well as many other fashion related activities.


Intern must have a basic understanding fashion. Students should also be familiar with all Microsoft Office programs. We prefer is applicants are currently in school, but we are willing to interview anyone who is serious about fashion. Interns should also have strong organizational skills, as they will be a big part in planning a fashion show.

How To Apply

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